HeadshotSmallAppropriately fast code is one of my passions. Modern computers are amazingly powerful, but few applications turn this power into computational speed. Because of this, many skilled business and research persons are unaware how fast their critical calculations could run.

Optimization can speed up calculations by an order or orders of magnitude. These types of changes can significantly improve business and research practices. They can also take considerable programmer effort. Only when what is possible is known can the best decision be made.

My goal is to work with business persons or researchers to improve their existing systems and create new ones. Taking advantage of my specialized computer skills allows others to focus on their areas of expertise. Even in a time when hardware is cheap and plentiful, well-designed algorithms can radically improve the performance of a single machine or a cluster of thousands of cores.

I’ve worked as a computer programmer and database designer in the United States, Japan, and Australia. I’ve coded and designed for the broadcast, education, greeting card, finance, military, multi-level marketing, and transportation industries. While I’ve spent time doing front-end development, I prefer working on back-end systems such as calculation engines and data storage and retrieval. I especially enjoy working with researchers designing and improving their research tools.