On 2023-12-23 I went back to Wordpress.com. Today, I cancelled my subscription and returned to a static site generator.

Why? Plugins. Specifically, graphing plugins.

Developers need to write documentation. To be good at it, they need to practice. The most useful practice uses the same tools as the “real” work.

Wordpress supports Markdown. The lowest priced plan that supports plugins is approximately 3x - 6x the cost of the two tiers below it. Mermaid support requires a plugin.

Wordpress is also overkill for what I need. WP provides a lot of useful features and plugins for someone who needs a content management system. I need a place to easily post solutions to problems and stay in practice documenting systems.

    title Platforms that support my needs within my budget
    x-axis No Markdown support --> Markdown support
    y-axis No Mermaid support --> Mermaid support
    quadrant-1 Meets my needs
    quadrant-2 Not useful by itself
    quadrant-3 Does not meet my needs
    quadrant-4 Documentation needs diagrams
    WordPress.com: [0.75, 0.25]
    Static Site: [0.75, 0.75]


  1. Why I’m back on Wordpress