The goal of this site is to help me write and maintain software more enjoyably by:

  • Logging the details of how I did something
  • Streamlining tasks I do frequently
  • Sharing tools that help me reach my goals

Logging the details

We’ve all set out to achieve a goal, only to lose hours tracking down error messages, eventually putting together a solution gleaned from ten different sources. Months or years later, we have to do it again, but we’ve forgotten what the solutions were.

Writing and maintaining software are more enjoyable when I can offload what’s in my head for future reference. This site is where I write down what worked, with enough detail to reproduce the results.

Streamlining tasks

Writing and maintaining software are more enjoyable when I can focus on the writing and less on everything else. Automation, moving services to where resources are available, providing useful logging and monitoring, and making sure what I need to succeed is at hand minimizes distractions.

This site is where I write down the things I do to save effort and keep my attention on the primary goal.

Sharing tools

Writing and maintaining software are more enjoyable when I can take advantage of what others have done before me. Finding useful tools is difficult.

This site is where I share the tools I’ve found that make writing and maintaining software more enjoyable.


These posts are inspired by things I’ve tried to do that were harder than they should be. “Harder” comes in many flavors. The reason for some posts will be obvious. Other posts are the result of search failures – the solution is simple but finding it was not. Short posts with a single endnote are usually this type.


Some posts will be short, covering things like a useful utility, how to use an OS feature, or take advantage of a testing suite. Others will be larger, covering things like how to add on-prem agents to your CI/CD stack. Some topics may be covered over a series of posts.

Each post will give enough steps to reproduce what I did without having to read a novel. A post may make some assumptions: adding on-prem GitHub agents to a CI/CD stack won’t cover what a CI/CD stack is, or what GitHub is, or why you would want to use either.


Most posts will have an Endnotes section with links to reference material. Links to critical information will also be provided in the text itself.


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