OKC Memorial Half training week 3

After having such a good week #2, week #3 was a failure. I picked up something when I was out of the country and was not in a position to walk or run until today. Disappointing, but so it goes. I’m hoping to get in a few walking miles today.

The city I was visiting has bad air pollution, at least by US, non-LA standards. By the second day, my sinuses were clogging and my snot contained lovely flecks of black. I suspect the pollution made me more susceptible to catching something.

I am trying not to start bicycling again. Whenever I get frustrated with walking or running, I start dreaming of cycling. This must be resisted. My back is not at a point where I can comfortably ride. Cycling does not help with running, at least at my current level of fitness. Even when I was able to ride 100km at a time, I still had to do a couch to 5K to start running. I certainly had an easier time than many, but cycling and running are not comparable.

Here’s to a better week.

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