OKC Memorial Half training week 2

(I’ve decided to do these updates once a week.)

I was out of the country last week, but took my running and walking gear with me. I only did one “run”, but I got in a ton of fast walking. I’m only counting miles where I went walking. Days where I walked only as a part of my normal routine aren’t counted. 

One of the things I love about some European cities is how walkable they are. The distances I walk in them surprise me when I map where I went and what I did. It’s easy to walk five miles in New York or Stockholm without thinking about it. Part of that may be the mixed use nature of most of the neighborhoods: every block has something slightly different going on.

Also, shops. I find it easier to bicycle 100 km down the Pinellas County barrier islands with shops, apartments, hotels, and the Gulf to look at than riding a featureless flat road. Walking seems to be similar: it’s easier to walk in places with interesting architecture and other things to look at than to walk through residential area after residential area.


Training distance: 3.7 miles Time: 51:45 Average HR: 143

Goal half: 2:00:00 Predicted half: 3:20:34

Walking distance: 4.4 miles


Walking distance: 4.9 miles


Walking distance: 8.2 miles


Walking distance: 3.7 miles


Walking distance: 9.8 miles

Total training distance: 3.7 miles

Total walking distance: 31 miles

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