2018 OKC Memorial Half Marathon

On January 3, 2014, I decided to run my first half marathon and signed up for the 2014 OKC Memorial half. Untimely health issues forced me to push my registration to the 2015 race. After various setbacks, I was able to train consistently.

I ran four days a week and was pleased with my progress. 5K training runs took 30 minutes. I considered picking up a few 5K races to see if I could break my personal best (26:47).

By November of 2014, I was able to run nine miles without walking. 5K runs felt like warming up. I’d never been able to run so far so easily.

That Thanksgiving, I took my race bike out for the first time since I started training. The speed was intoxicating. I’d forgotten how amazing a well made race bike is.

I’d also forgotten how bad the roads are here. 1.5 mikes from home, my wheels got stuck in a gap between concrete slabs. I managed to hop out, skidded on sand, hit the curb, flipped, and crashed.

The crash totaled my bike and broke four of my ribs. This seems to have started 2+ years of health problems, trouble walking, and more. Two years of MRIs, physical therapy, tests, and anxiety later, I know I have five damaged discs in my back.

I’m finally at a point where I can walk without issues. I want to use this new ability to lose the 40+ pounds I’ve gained since the crash. Hopefully losing the weight will help ensure I can continue to walk without issues.

I suspect I’ve been too sedentary, to be honest. Instead of monitoring pain and continuing doing (or trying to do) the things I want, I’ve been a bump on a log. I’ve had enough of that.

My favorite running shoes were on sale on Friday. I picked up two pairs. I sorted my running clothes into what fits, what hopefully will fit later in the year, and how did that ever fit piles.

Today, I signed up for the 2018 OKC Memorial half. It was the first day to register.

Then I got out of bed and ran. Well, jogged. I mean walked. I walked / jogged 3.1 miles. My back was a little sore, but otherwise fine.

Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 46:16
Average HR: 148

Goal half: 2:00:00
Predicted half: 3:32:50

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